Fabric Mitosis

Worn: November 12, 2012

I love accordion pleated skirts. I bought two at Macy's back in July, one green, one black, but I would love to have them in several more colors. I came across this skirt at Sears last week. The fabric texture is identical to that of the Macy's skirts, which is not too surprising, since both Grane and True Freedom are part of the Jones Group, along with half a dozen other brands I've worn. This skirt was much longer than the others though, so I carefully measured seven inches up all the way around the bottom and trimmed it. All three skirts use raw edges, as the material doesn't fray. And since I love to have matching items, I decided to repurpose the bottom of the skirt as an infinity scarf.

L8ter black top from Macy's, 2010
True Freedom purple skirt, shortened, from Sears, 2012
Scarf made from bottom of True Freedom skirt from Sears, 2012
Vintage interchangeable gold belt clasp, 2011
Purple belt made of Dritz knit elastic from Hancock Fabrics, 2012
August "Blossom Story" black beret from Macy's, 2008
Gatta black tights from legxicon.com, 2012
Soft Style by Hush Puppies "Karavan II" black pumps from Zappos.com, 2010
Purple earrings made from Michael's components, 2012
Roxy Atomic RX5111 sunglasses from Zappos.com, 2008

Pictures by Lynn

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